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VAI Solution Hall

In today’s fast-moving world, responding to change is critical to operational success. Utilizing VAI S2K solutions can ensure that you remain agile and outpace your competition. In our Solution Hall, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with VAI experts and have a look at the tools that can advance your business objectives and create real value. See product demonstrations of exciting software applications, receive practical advice on how to achieve profitability, and create an action plan using S2K technology to maximize your VAI investment. Key solutions that will be on display include:

S2K Enterprise OnCloud

S2K Enterprise

Review all the latest enhancements to S2K Enterprise Release 6.2 and discuss with VAI experts how these new features can help you achieve your business goals. Highlights include new capabilities in Accounting, Order Processing, Inventory Management, Suggested Purchasing, Warehouse Management, and much more!
S2K Food OnCloud

S2K Food

Explore the features that make the food industry so unique, such as: Lot and Date Tracking, Broken Case Unit Conversions, Catch Weight Pricing, Truck Routing, Flexible Contract Pricing, and Rebates, Promotions and Billbacks. We'll guide you on how to leverage S2K for Food to comply with food safety regulations, manage your Inventory, and accurately track your goods.
S2K Pharma OnCloud

S2K Pharmaceutical

Deep dive into the pharmaceutical software that helps distributors navigate stricter legislation, streamline processes, and collect and monitor data for reporting to drug enforcement agencies.
S2K Warehouse OnCloud

S2K Warehouse

Automating your warehouse can provide a host of benefits ranging from space savings, lower building costs, improved productivity, more efficient material flow, less people, and safer operations, to reductions in inventory, reduced operational costs, better ROI, and lower lifecycle costs. Leveraging new technology such as S2K Mobile Warehouse can make transaction processing in your warehouse lighter, easier, and faster than ever.
S2K Analytics OnCloud

S2K Analytics

S2K Analytics is quickly becoming a “must have” tool for all your ERP reporting and dashboard needs. Come see how users, from novice to expert, can use this simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop report authoring tool to create dynamic reports and dashboards. Experts will show you the new Financial Report Writer, the new “health check” report, and all the new pre-configured reports and dashboards that can help you make better business decisions.
S2K Mobile

S2K Mobile

Turn ordinary smartphones into powerful business tools that can help you improve efficiencies, enhance customer service, and increase sales. VAI continues to develop dynamic mobile solutions that provide file synchronization directly with S2K ERP. Come see the latest mobile solutions for Order Processing, Proof-of-Delivery (POD), Route Sales and DSD, Field Service, and Sales Analysis.
S2K Sales Force OnCloud

S2K Sales Force

To service customers and develop new sales opportunities, supply chain representatives need immediate access to customer and product information. Reviewing past sales activity, product availability, pricing, and promotions are critical in matching customer requirements with your value proposition. S2K Sales Force was built for supply chain representatives, and it combines powerful contact management capabilities with direct real-time access to S2K ERP data to help your sales team make the most of every sales call.
S2K eBusiness OnCloud

S2K eBusiness

Customers value and prefer self-service channels to human interactions. Online self-service saves time, increases accuracy, improves retention, and builds customer loyalty. Providing self-service to customers to allow them to place orders, review order statuses, pay their open invoice, and see sales data will also free up your sales team to focus on higher value activities.
S2K Marketing OnCloud

S2K Marketing Cloud

S2K Marketing Cloud Powered by ActiveCampaign integrates with S2K Sales Force CRM to automate and streamline marketing, sales, and business functions. It is a marketing automation tool, enabling marketers to do more with email marketing. Join us as we demonstrate the features of this application, including how users can add tags to their profile that will allow marketers to target specific contacts based on their buying behavior, and how marketers can segment their lists and set up automated workflows to drastically improve the effectiveness of their email campaigns.
Cloud Cumputing

Cloud Computing

VAI Cloud incorporates best practice methods to mitigate threat actors, fortify firewalls from ransomware, and accomplish your infrastructure disaster recovery plan overnight.