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Skill Enrichment Sessions

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Wingman Leadership | Waldo Waldman
MISSION OVERVIEW: Creating a collaborative culture of trust, commitment, and mutual support promotes growth, innovation, and an ability to adapt to change. In this session, Waldo will expand on his keynote, facilitate an open discussion, and dive deeper into accountability, open communication, and facilitating trust between team members.

  • Share tools that can motivate and inspire attendees to collaborate more effectively and face adversity and conflict with courage.
  • Help attendees assess their leadership strengths and weaknesses and focus on areas for improvement.
  • Learn tactics for personal and professional growth that will provide additional leverage for building high-performance teams.

Friday, September 22, 2023

The Promise: Discover Your Signature Moves | Jason Hewlett
Imagine yourself enjoying a presentation of some of the most legendary performers of all-time. What made these stage performers stand out from the competition? What made them legendary? In this breakout session, Jason will talk about what makes performers unique, stand out, and legendary—their SIGNATURE MOVES!

Through his proven process of Identify, Clarify, and Magnify, Jason will teach you how to harness your abilities, talents, gifts and skillsets to develop “signature moves” that will also make you legendary in work and life. Sit back, watch, laugh, and sing along, while IDENTIFYING your own talents and strengths that make you who you are as a person, worker, and leader.

Next, CLARIFY your gifts with those in your group in workshop mode, all while making a PROMISE to utilize that which makes you an effective person, worker, and leader, capable of helping others do the same. Imagine going back to the workspace following Jason’s presentation, armed with the ability to not only identify and clarify your strengths, but also help others realize their gifts to benefit the entire team and organization and show them how to give their best every day. MAGNIFY the PROMISE by allowing everyone in the organization to use their incredible signature moves to bring your success to new levels.

  • Their Signature Moves and Personal Branding
  • ICM Process - Identify, Clarify, Magnify
  • Confidence in their skills and talents
  • Team Unity & Promise Culture Transformation