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General Sessions

Bob Vormittag - Welcome / Introduction

With the advent of the Internet and cloud computing applications, we’ve seen a new paradigm shift happening with ERP systems. Users have become more and more familiar and comfortable with using applications on their phones, tablets, and browsers on their laptops. Cloud computing has become the norm, and mobility has become extremely important. Business intelligence and sales force automation continues to offer tremendous value, and advanced industry solutions help companies stay compliant with industry regulations. Join Bob for a year in review and a look at how companies are getting a tremendous return from their technology investment and get a peek at VAI’s future development roadmap.

Mark Thompson - Building a Most Admired Brand through Customer and Employee Engagement

Leaders of the world’s Most Admired Companies know that the customer experience IS the brand! Customer engagement is not about transactions, it’s about RELATIONSHIPS – acting as though you’d put your own money on the line in your customer’s company. If you were investing in your customer’s company, you’d think differently about how you deal with them and fight for their success like it was your own. Mark brings many examples of how the most admired brands approach customer engagement and set the standard for lasting customer relationships in their industries.

Joe Scioscia - Technology Update

Over the years, we have seen the demand from end-users to have workflow engines and intelligent software that can proactively notify users when an exception occurs. VAI’s clients want simple to use, configurable dashboards and home pages, which gives them one click to key, relevant information. They demand business intelligence solutions that allows them to analyze their sales and financial data, and advanced applications for managing inventory, production, and warehouse operations. Joe will review the latest technology solutions from VAI and their partners that can help companies compete in this connected global economy.

Curt Steinhorst - Reaching The Distracted Customer

Today’s customers are harder than ever to reach—and retain. Attention drives their decision-making, but their attention has never been more divided. Simply put, the digital age has rewired your customers. What does this mean for your sales approach? In this timely and informative speech, Curt Steinhorst tackles the key questions: What’s changed in customer expectations, and what hasn’t? How can you surprise and delight customers inundated by messaging? How can you leverage distraction to reach them more effectively?

Customer Experience Panel and Video Case Studies

Sharing our customer’s experiences with technology is a great way for others to see real-life examples of advanced solutions in use. Join us for mini video case studies and a customer panel to discuss business challenges that customers just like you have faced, how VAI solutions addressed their issues, and the resulting benefits they have experienced.

Doug Betensky - 10 Ways To Beat the Competition with SEO, PPC and Remarketing

How will you outsmart the competition online in 2019? Are you leading or lagging right now? Doug Betensky explains 10 ways your business can lead the pack using well crafted Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and Remarketing tactics to get in front of your audience at the right time. Doug will bust common myths, teach you SEO best practices, help you avoid common SEO pitfalls leading to penalties/filters, and even reveal ethical ways you can find out exactly what your competition is doing in order to outmaneuver them. Also join Doug Betensky during his SEO/Google Advertising (PPC) workshops held at 2:15 on Thursday, November 8th, and Friday, November 9th.

VAI Marketing Cloud

VAI’s New Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing automation platform designed to put the power of data in the hands of the marketer. Use behavioral data from any source to create consistent campaigns and deliver your message through automated emails. Close the loop between marketing and sales and drive greater revenue through lead management features that deliver higher-quality leads and decrease customer acquisition costs. Get quality leads by understanding prospect behavior and scoring on that behavior. Manage and nurture your leads with tight integration with S2K Sales Force.