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General Sessions

Welcome / Introduction

As supply chain business processes have evolved, so has the ERP market. The cloud has been a hot topic for a number of years, with companies moving applications to the cloud for the speed of execution, lower costs, higher availability, and improved levels of service. Real-time, anywhere access to demand, supply, inventory and cost information has become vital, and quick decision making based on this information can improve customer satisfaction and fuel business growth. Bob Vormittag, President & CEO, will provide a "year in review" and highlight VAI's technology roadmap and the key trends in the ERP world.

S2K Product Highlights

ERP is becoming more versatile, providing deeper integration with all applications and providing a dynamic user experience to improve productivity. VAI's continued advancements in Analytics, Sales Force Automation, Portal and Mobile solutions offer customers integrated "Best of Breed" applications that eliminate complexity and integration costs. Joe Scioscia, Vice President of Sales, will highlight the latest developments in the S2K Enterprise suite and show how these effective and practical applications can deliver bottom-line results.

Keynote Speaker - Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is one of the fastest rising female talk radio personalities in America. Her advice and fiery opinion have been seen by tens of millions of viewers nationwide on shows ranging from Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper, The Today Show, The Talk, Oprah, CNBC, and FOX Business. Mel is also a Contributing Editor to SUCCESS Magazine, where 1.2 million readers enjoy her monthly column on sales, marketing, and personal achievement. Mel loves speaking to audiences and delivers action-inspiring keynote speeches at business conventions and leadership conferences worldwide.

Guest Speaker - Dr. Alan Beaulieu

The macroeconomic indicators for the U.S. economy are decidedly mixed. U.S. industrial production is growing at a slowing rate, as is U.S. gross domestic product. However, there are reasons for confidence for 2017 as there are some positive signs for our macro outlook. Join Dr. Alan Beaulieu, President of ITR Economics and author of the must-read book, Prosperity in an Age of Decline, discuss how the world's largest economy will skirt recession and what the U.S. economic future may hold.

Customer Success Videos

See S2K Solutions in action and hear from actual users as they discuss the return on investment they realized by implementing VAI Technology in their organization. Customers include: AVA Pork, Black River Produce, Four Star Salon Services, Imperial Bag & Paper, and Johnson Plastics.

Top Strategic Technology Trends

Technology is constantly evolving and maturing. It moves from a nascent, undefined entity to one that is widely accepted and becomes so commonplace that we wonder how we ever functioned without it. Mobile and cloud are two prominent examples of such a journey. From businesses to individual consumers, everyone is connected to everyone, everywhere, all the time. Today, tablets and mobile phones are enabling every industry, every line of business and every employee to work in astounding new ways. This capacity is fueling a new generation of apps, delivering more power, more insight and more capability to businesses than ever before. This is true for businesses of all sizes - both large and small. Leveraging the right technology can make for a cohesive business ecosystem, valuable in increasing productivity, streamlining business processes, and instilling creativity overall.

IBM Announcements

Designed for the waitless world, IBM Power Systems offer servers built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications. The waitless world demands servers designed for big data that are optimized, secure, and adapt to changing business demands. Servers that deliver superior cloud economics with secure and open choices and incorporate innovation from a growing, open ecosystem that broadens application choice and enhances optimization. Join IBM executives as they highlight the latest hardware and software technologies available from IBM.