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Class Descriptions

Thursday & Friday 1:00pm - 1:40pm

Bill-of-Material (BOM) and Routing Set-up
Maximize your material and labor efficiencies with S2K BOM and Routings. This class will explain how to properly set up BOM’s and Routing steps in S2K to effectively plan for material purchases and labor resources.

Fundamentals of General Ledger

Discover what’s behind the numbers. Review S2K’s Integrated and comprehensive General Ledger and see how its advanced features can improve your bottom line.

How to Upgrade your S2K ERP Software
Are you on an old release of S2K ERP? Are you concerned about the costs and the process involved in upgrading to the latest version? Join us as we discuss the different migration options available to you, and how to migrate to the latest release and leverage real production data for new system testing. With our systematic approach you can avoid business process disruption during the migration process for a smooth software upgrade.

Master Supply and Demand Planning for Optimal Inventory Levels

Learn how to leverage smart buys, streamline processes, and have buyers spend more time negotiating with vendors. With S2K Supply and Demand Planning, you can maximize all purchasing efforts and improve the supply chain. During this session, you will learn how to reduce purchasing costs by consolidating warehouse location purchases, manage inventory transfers, work with ‘vendor categories’ allowing you to set minimums and targets by brands, control lead times with the ever-changing climate of delivery times, and more.

Order Entry Tips and Tricks

S2K Order Entry application provides a wealth of capabilities for effective order processing. In this session, we will cover some of the advanced features in order entry including how to link orders to campaigns and opportunities, how to leverage order guides to promote seasonal or dead stock items, the use of the vendor catalog file for non-stock items, and much more.

S2K Rebates, Allowances, and Billbacks
The S2K Rebates, Allowances, and Billbacks tracking application maintains a real-time database to ensure the timely tracking of both customer and vendor rebates and allowances based upon sales or purchase history. Learn how S2K can automatically track money owed to customers, or that is owed back to you from vendors based on special programs. Accrue and reconcile these funds in real-time for accurate and timely financial reporting.

Warehouse Management – Receiving and Putaway (S2K Food)
The food industry is unique in many ways; inventory management and tracking are critical to comply with food safety regulations. See how S2K for Food WMS can facilitate bulk product receiving using a pallet license plate for easy tracking of shelf-life dates, lots, and pallet movements. Using fixed or random bin logic, and based on a myriad of user defined parameters, the system will then automatically assign a put-away location.

Warehouse Management – Receiving and Putaway (S2K Hard Goods)

An effective receiving process is critical in understanding what items are in your warehouse, what quantities are available, and where they are located. S2K WMS automatically matches the items being received to your purchase order or container to verify that the correct items are being received. Lots and serial numbers can be recorded, and item bar code labels can be automatically generated if needed. Using fixed or random bin logic, and based on a myriad of user defined parameters, the system will then automatically assign a put-away location. (Mobile and RF options will be reviewed).

Thursday & Friday 1:50pm - 2:30pm

Build Customer Loyalty with S2K Mobile Order Entry
In today’s fast-paced world, customers demand convenience, speed, and flexibility. They want to be able to order products or services quickly and easily from anywhere, at any time. With S2K Mobile Order Entry you can streamline the ordering process and build customer loyalty. By offering convenience, personalization, and rewards, businesses can keep customers coming back and establish themselves as a leader in their industry.

Fundamentals Of Accounts Receivable
Boost your AR metrics with the robust S2K Accounts Receivable solution. See how S2K’s advanced AR features can help reduce errors, accelerate cash-flow, and streamline the collection process.

Introduction to HCL Leap for Workflow Automation
HCL Leap is an exciting new tool that allows users to create and deploy internal and external engagement applications and forms and transform processes to be more efficient. See how you can use this solution for Customer and Vendor Onboarding, Price Change Requests, Customer Quotes, New Product Lines, and much more.

Planning your Material Requirements and Firming Up Jobs for Production
Learn how to use S2K MRP to plan for production of finished goods. This class will explain how to properly set up and use MRP and how manufacturing orders will be released for manufacturing execution.

Prompt Customer Delivery with S2K Route Manager / Pallet Picking (S2K Food)
For food companies with their own fleet trucks, getting vehicles loaded and on their way can be a very complicated task. Managing routes and stops, inventory allocations, vehicle capacity limits, stacking restrictions and more, must be performed under tight time constraints. Learn how S2K Route Manager can help managers organize routes to ensure that warehouse pickers have the right information, minimizing breakage and maximizing efficiency.

Take control over your EDI integration with Cleo Integration Cloud
Eliminate manual integration flows by automating and orchestrating EDI, non-EDI, and APIs to meet any B2B need. Dynamic dashboards provide real-time insights across every B2B transaction to help eliminate the risk of chargebacks or fines from missed transactions, SLAs, KPIs, or business commitments.

Uploading CSV Files with S2K's New Upload Program
The ability to upload data such as customers and items can be a great time saver. With the File Upload process in S2K, you can upload master file data to add new records or update existing records in master files from a CSV file, with the knowledge that data will be validated before any records get added to the master file.

Warehouse Management – Cycle and Physical Counting (All)
S2K offers a wide range of options when it comes to counting and updating your inventory. Whether you require an all-encompassing physical count, or just need a cycle count on a single item or bin, S2K has everything you need to meet your needs for effective inventory counting.

Thursday & Friday 2:40pm - 3:20pm

Advanced Functions in Accounts Payable
Discover how S2K enables users to rapidly adapt to changing business needs. You’ll learn how to use S2K Accounts Payable advanced functionality to streamline your day-to-day operations and strengthen cash and financial controls.

Automating Material Issues and Shop Floor Control Processes
Learn how S2K Shop Floor Data Collection application will help your business accurately record material consumption and labor time right on the shop floor. This class will explain how to effectively use shop floor control and the resulting business benefits, including accurate costing and the verification of labor standards.

Be a 24/7 Company with S2K eBusiness
S2K eBusiness is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to effectively manage and operate their online stores. The software integrates seamlessly with other S2K Enterprise solutions, such as accounting and warehouse management, to provide businesses with a complete and unified eCommerce solution. With S2K eBusiness, companies can streamline their online operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.

Communicate with other Products and Services using APIs
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable different products and services to communicate with each other, allowing seamless integration and improved functionality. APIs facilitate communication between products and services through a common language, enabling disparate systems to interact in real-time, without the need for manual intervention. Learn how you can use VAI APIs to integrate other solutions, automate processes, enhance user experiences, optimize workflows, and scale their operations.

Enhanced Financial Reporting with S2K Financial Report Writer
The role of the CFO has evolved from being merely an overseer of the organization’s finances to a partner who provides strategic advice to the C-Suite. In addition to producing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, income statements, balance sheets, and other reports, CFO’s must also provide financial data in a way that is easy for management to use and understand. Using the enhanced S2K Analytics’ Financial Report Writer and new data structure, users can easily create more dynamic and custom financial reports.

Go Paperless with S2K Mobile Proof-of-Delivery (POD)
S2K Mobile Proof of Delivery (POD) application is a powerful solution for effective and efficient driver performance monitoring and delivery confirmation. S2K Mobile POD replaces the clumsy paperwork process of capturing signatures with a clean, efficient paperless process to confirm the delivery of merchandise and electronically capture signatures and photographs. This exciting mobile app can also track customer payments and help drivers process returns and shorts.

The Benefits of Moving your ERP to VAI Cloud
Is it time to upgrade your server or infrastructure? Is cybersecurity a concern for your enterprise? See how VAI Cloud can save on upgrades and ongoing maintenance costs, simplify infrastructure deployment, and add enhanced levels of security to your ERP and associated systems.

Warehouse Management – Order Manager / Truck Manager (S2K Hard Goods)
Leave the logistics of outbound processing to the pros. With S2K Order Manager and Route Manager users can plan, coordinate, and execute the shipping process to reduce picking errors and missed shipments. With these exciting applications users can create wave picks by carrier, route, and by customer, plus much more.

Thursday & Friday 3:40pm - 4:20pm

Automating your Service and Repair Organization
Learn how S2K Service Billing module will help your business maximize efficiencies in your service organization. This class will delve into the setup and operation of S2K Service Billing and the ability for technicians to use the S2K Mobile Service application to record time and materials used on a service call as well as capturing customer signatures.

Most Frequently Asked Financial Application Questions: S2K Support Q&A
Get that perplexing S2K accounting question resolved by working with the accounting professionals at VAI. Many questions might have straightforward solutions. If you don’t ask, you won’t find out.

Paperless AP Invoice Processing with Fortra
Many organizations still process AP invoices manually, which is a painstaking, time-consuming activity with a large potential for human error. Transform your business with Fortra’s AP workflow automation software (formerly Help Systems) and simplify your AP invoice processing while saving time and money.

Ransomware and Cybersecurity Basics to Protect your Business
In today’s environment, malware and ransomware attacks have become regular occurrences and almost daily news. Businesses of all sizes and across most industries are targets. Learn about the latest in cybersecurity trends and what can be done to add additional security for your business. Presented by Dr. Anthony Fama, CEO, PhD, MS, MBA, CISSP from Executive Technology Group and Kevin Beasley CIO, VAI.

Using S2K Cargo Tracking to Calculate your True Landed Cost
Knowing your landed cost is important for businesses because it can have a major effect on your pricing strategy, commissions, and ultimately your profitability. Landed cost includes not only shipping costs, but any additional fees such as import duties, shipping insurance, and other related costs. Using S2K Cargo tracking, you can better understand the real total cost of acquiring products and value your inventory more accurately.

Using S2K Marketing Cloud Automated Emails to Grow your Business
It can be challenging to grow the value of your customer relationships while also converting new prospects to customers. S2K Marketing Cloud is a powerful marketing tool that enables businesses to automate their email marketing campaigns and target specific contacts based on their buying or browsing behavior. With advanced marketing automation, you can nurture prospects and customers with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into advocates.

Using VAI's Customer Support and Training Center
VAI’s Customer Support and Training Center portal provides a myriad of options to enhance your knowledge of S2K. Learn how you can use VAI’s customer portal to provide initial and ongoing video training to your staff on specific features of your S2K ERP system.

Why S2K Sales Force CRM is an Optimal Solution for Sales Team Automation
S2K Sales Force CRM is much different than many of the online CRM solutions. It was built for supply chain representatives, giving them complete access to customer, item, pricing, and sales data to help them make the most of every sales call.

Thursday & Friday 4:30pm - 5:10pm

Advanced Forms Printing in S2K with CYBRA MarkMagic
MarkMagic software is the easiest way to design and print the barcode labels, electronic forms, and RFID tags you need to communicate with your customers and suppliers. MarkMagic is loaded with new features that will help you expand your enterprise printing capabilities. Join the VAI and CYBRA teams as they show off all the new advancements packed inside.

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation Made Easy

Learn how S2K Credit Card and Bank Reconciliation integration can help speed up reconciliations and dramatically reduce the time spent on the account reconciliation process at month end.

Build Better Relationships with S2K Customer Self-Service and Vendor Portals
Today’s high-tech consumers demand efficient customer service. S2K Customer Self-Service Portal provides a quick, seamless experience to give your customers all the information they are looking for from your website, reducing the load on your live customer support representatives. With this application, customers can review order status, pay their bills, process returns, and much more. In addition, come see the new vendor self-service portal that can help you improve supply chain communications with your suppliers.

Most Frequently Asked Infrastructure Questions – Tech Support Q&A
In this infrastructure and technical session, VAI experts will be on hand to discuss your security, technology, and infrastructure questions and requirements. We’ll also review equipment options needed now and for the future.

Most Frequently Asked Non-Financial S2K ERP Questions: S2K Support Q&A
Not finding what you need in one of the breakout sessions? Join VAI experts to review the most frequently asked ERP questions not related to accounting. We will discuss best practices, take audience questions, and cover how VAI and your peers have addressed their most difficult business challenges.

S2K Retail POS and Equipment Rental Applications
From sales and scheduling to invoicing, manage your retail and rental processes from a single place. See how S2K’s fully integrated retail and rental processes can help you improve sales and better service your customers.

Warehouse Management – Picking and Shipping (S2K Hard Goods)
S2K WMS enables users to view selected orders and group them for efficient picking based on a wide range of sort options. Once released to the warehouse, this module gives warehouse managers the ability to review picking in progress and analyze performance by area, zone, and picker. For shipment verification, S2K WMS allows the user to verify the items picked against each customer order. For pick and pack operations, shipment verification allows the user to track which items are in a specific box. (Mobile and RF options will be reviewed).

What’s New in S2K Analytics
Data by itself is not a solution. Most firms frequently drown in data points rather than using it to drive activities that actually generate value. VAI has considerably enhanced S2K Analytics. With the most recent addition, you will have access to more than 150 reports and 50 interactive dashboards, which will help you manage your business more successfully.