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Accurate Cycle and Physical Counting with S2K WMS

Cycle counting and Physical counting are important warehouse management strategies. In this session we will explore how the various counting functionalities can streamline the process and improve efficiencies while assisting in a more accurate inventory count helping to ensure high customer service.

Improve Customer Credit Management with S2K Accounts Receivable

Learn how to manage invoicing, credit terms, and other accounts receivable tasks to accelerate your cash flows and keep your organization strong. VAI’s robust invoicing and collections processes gives you fast and efficient, accounts receivable management, accelerating the cash cycle and improving your business performance.

Sharpen your Understanding of Your Financial Position

See how S2K Accounts Payable and General Ledger modules integration and flexibility will assist you in optimizing your payables and ledger processes, drive down costs, and increase productivity. A full review of the payables and ledger operations turns the tedious time consuming expenditure and review process into a manageable piece of the corporate puzzle.

Simplify the Receiving and Put-away Process with S2K WMS

Receiving and put away processing plays a key role in any material management strategy. Controlling inventory accuracy begins with a highly effective warehouse receiving and put away environment that allows for greater control in fulfilling customer orders quickly. Learn how S2K’s receiving and put away processes help companies accelerate the inventory receipt and put away process from the dock to preferred locations faster with less work.

Accurate and Efficient Picking and Shipping with S2K WMS

Managing large volumes of customer and production orders can be difficult, complex, and even intimidating. Watch as we demonstrate how the enhanced functionality of the wireless warehouse solution reduces overall operational costs while improving customer service and achieving higher inventory accuracy.

S2K for Food: Latest Release Enhancements

VAI’s new HTML5 interface to S2K Enterprise for Food provides access from any device with a modern web browser. This means there is no software to install on an employee’s device and deployment is hassle-free. In this session, VAI will review this new user interface and discuss its exciting capabilities. In addition, we will highlight all the new features, enhancements and applications that are now available in the latest version of S2K Enterprise for Food.

S2K Enterprise: Latest Release Enhancements

The S2K Enterprise browser based client continues to evolve with greater visualizations including enhanced graphics, embedded analytics, dynamic grids, and advanced searches. New features are available within every application. In this session we will review the new user experience and all the new features that are now available in the latest version of S2K Enterprise.

S2K for Pharma Overview

The Pharmaceutical industry is unique in many ways. S2K Pharma addresses issues from compliance management, unique contract pricing requirements, chargebacks, to suspicious order monitoring, etc. Come watch us demonstrate how S2K Enterprise for Pharmaceutical has been specifically designed to help Pharmaceutical distributors meet the demands of their businesses.

Increase Manufacturing Efficiency, Quality and Profit Margins

S2K’s complete manufacturing software solution that will prevent unnecessary downtime, while increasing manufacturing efficiency, quality and profit margins, helping to ensure the continued growth, success, and profitability of your manufacturing business. This session reviews bill of material set up and its impact on work order processing, material and capacity planning, shop floor control, and production costing.

Material and Capacity Requirements Planning for Manufacturers

Managing sufficient material levels is one of the most critical and time consuming aspects of manufacturing. S2K Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP) accurately and effectively manages all resources and requirements necessary to meet your manufacturing demands and maintain lean inventory levels. VAI’s Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) allows you to review your capacity constraints in daily, weekly, or monthly increments identifying situations where capacity is short or long resulting in bottlenecks. Learn how VAI’s MRP and CRP features can help you identify and eliminate production problems before they start.

Create Visualizations and Reports that Answer your Company’s Most Important Questions

S2K Analytics, now powered by IBM’s new Cognos Analytics software, provides an exciting view of important business data. It allows you to easily examine key areas of your business so you can make quicker and smarter business decisions. In this session, VAI will reveal the great new capabilities of this exciting tool including data modules, revamped dashboard creation, as well as the standard S2K workspaces, reports, analytical drill downs, and more.

Gain and Retain Customers with S2K Sales Force

S2K Sales Force is much more than an online contact management solution, it is completely integrated with S2K Enterprise, giving your sales team real-time access to customer, product, and transaction information anytime, and anywhere they need it. Sales analytics screens give your sales representatives insight on customer behavior and allow them to react quickly to customer issues and opportunities. Learn how this application will empower your sales team to drive new business and make the most out of their sales calls.

S2K Service & Repair and Rental Solutions

The equipment rental, sales and services industries face unique operational and reporting challenges. Customers expect exceptional service in every case and in every economy. S2K Service and Repair software and Rental software solutions assist your corporation in achieving and exceeding those expectations. Learn how S2K Service Billing can help you manage service calls and equipment repairs, track warranty claims, dispatch technicians and generate service invoices for parts and labor, while S2K Rental provides the tools needed to maintain your rental fleet and effectively manage and help grow your rental operation. Learn how these solutions can enhance customer service, simplify billing and much more.

Personalize your Customer’s Online Buying Experience with S2K Enterprise Portal

S2K Enterprise Portal allows you to give employees, trading partners, and customers access to a web site containing the applications and information they need to quickly get answers to their questions and execute transactions. This solution leverages IBM WebSphere Portal technology to provide content management, and collaboration capabilities in a single, easy-to-deploy solution. Come see how by leveraging the Internet, you can secure relationships with your customers by providing more efficient service.

Manage your Most Valuable Asset with the S2K Suggested Purchasing Manager

Learn How S2K’s Suggested Purchasing can help you optimize your supply chain and effectively control inventory by significantly improving inventory turns while lowering overstock rates. In this session we will review the latest Suggested Purchasing features including; historical sales data, lost sales, nonstock and special order inclusion, targets, seasonality, long lead time, quote creation, split purchase orders and much more.Learn How S2K's Suggested Purchasing can help you optimize your supply chain and effectively control inventory by significantly improving inventory turns while lowering overstock rates. In this session we will review the latest Suggested Purchasing features including; historical sales data, lost sales, nonstock and special order inclusion, targets, seasonality, Long Lead time, quote creation, Split purchase orders and much more.

Lock in Customer Loyalty and Improve Operations with S2K Mobile Solutions

As more people migrate from their computers to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the face of the Internet is changing. People are finding information, making purchases, and interacting with brands like never before. The VAI Suite of mobile applications provides both connected and disconnected transaction capabilities. Learn how S2K Mobile’s Order Entry, Proof of Delivery and Route Sales (DSD) apps give sales teams better visibility into product availability and pricing, allowing them to make quick and well-informed decisions.

S2K Retail and EMV Credit Card Solutions

Delivering a superior customer experience at the point-of-sale is crucial for turning today’s shopper into tomorrow’s loyal customer. VAI’s retail POS backed by Verifone Point (Verifone’s EMV and NFC-enabled payment devices supported by Verifone’s Payment as a Service platform) is adaptable to a variety of industry segments and has the flexibility to be configured based on individual requirements. Learn how S2K Retail’s latest features can help you engage customers and increase sales.

Get in the Cloud!

Cloud computing is now evolving like never before, with companies of all shapes and sizes adapting to this new technology. Modern ERP solutions like S2K Enterprise require sophisticated infrastructure. Utilizing VAI’s cloud takes the complexity of running this infrastructure out of your hands, and also gives you the benefit of a fully redundant data center. This also includes all of the maintenance, management and upgrades of this infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on running your core business. As more consumers and businesses adopt tools such as smart phones and tablets, the ability to host applications in the cloud and access it from just about anywhere on the planet is quickly becoming vital.

Are you Prepared? Disaster Recovery Solutions

Businesses are using the VAI cloud to enable faster Disaster Recovery of their critical IT Systems without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. The VAI cloud supports many popular Disaster Recovery (DR) architectures; from Data Vaulting which provides access to data, to “hot standby” environments that enable rapid failover. Through our Data Center, VAI provides a set of cloud-based recovery services that enable rapid recovery of your IT infrastructure and data.

S2K for Food: Effective Delivery Route Planning

Learn how S2K’s fast, powerful and configurable planning & scheduling tools optimize allocation of work to pickers, drivers, and vehicles to maximize productivity and resource utilization. The delivery route planning system takes account of constraints such as time windows, truck type and capacity, load compatibility, and temperature control.

S2K: Rebates, Promotions and Billbacks

Learn how S2K Rebates / Promotions / Billbacks tracking application maintains real-time data, ensuring the timely tracking of both customer and vendor rebates and billbacks based upon sales or purchase history. See how S2K’s rebate reporting and inquiry tools give the user quick and accurate information at their fingertips, making critical cost saving effective decisions easy.

Improving Inventory with Effective Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasts are common and essential tools used for business planning, marketing, and general management decision making. S2K historical data leveraging and advanced formulas provide the tools required to implement a smart, cost effective sales forecasting system. Come see how these tools can provide the budget minded professional strong effective forecasting tools resulting in inventory savings.

Inter-Company Processing Capabilities in S2K Enterprise

Intercompany matching is one of the leading causes of delay in the consolidated account closing process. The optimization of the intercompany reconciliation process dramatically saves time while increasing the reliability of closing. Save countless hours of manual entries and reconciliations with S2K’s intercompany processing and consolidated reporting features. Users are able to quickly and easily post transactions between different companies and different accounts with full audit trail and drill down capabilities.

Understanding Pricing & Promotions

Pricing and Promotion optimization is a strong factor for driving consumer traffic and being competitive in today’s market. S2K’s Price and Promotion features provide a full end-to-end solution that helps companies plan smarter, sell better and track results with more consistency. Learn how S2K can help your company make faster, more confident decisions about; pricing, product forecasts, and customer & product profitability.

How Smart is your ‘Smart Center’?

S2K Smart Center delivers a configurable web experience that supports single sign-on, common navigation, and a common look and feel across various VAI products. With S2K Smart Center, users can configure their screens with the exact applications and information that is important to their role; which can increase employee productivity, improve collaboration, and allow the user to react quickly to business demands.

Exploring the Landed Cost Tracking Opportunity

Accurately track and report costs by accounting for specific detailed landed costs and allocating inventory costs by weight, cubic measure, value or quantity. See how buyers can allocate cost various ways from a cargo transaction to an individual purchase order, down to a specific item. Additional analysis features allow visibility and reporting on allocations and recorded variances.

Inventory Turns, GMROI, Fill Rates and Dead Stock Management

Inventory turns is one of the key metrics that companies use to manage and evaluate their inventory. Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment (GRMOII) is a ratio that describes a seller’s income on every dollar spent on inventory. It is one way to determine how valuable the sellers inventory is and the amount of resources invested in the inventory sold. This session will review S2K inventory performance screens and interpret the system data.

S2K Demo Center

See S2K Enterprise applications in action! Learn how RF devices can enhance accuracy and productivity in your warehouse. See how your sales team can use mobile devices to access real-time customer and product information and more.

Multi-Currency Accounting

See how exchange rates affect your cash flow. Enter invoices, record payments, and reconcile accounts in different currencies. Gains and losses are calculated in real-time. Enhanced reporting and inquiry features allow users to review balances in both domestic and foreign currencies, additional functionality enables users to revalue receivable and payable balances.

Social Media & Internet Marketing: Join the Revolution to Grow Your Business

A decade ago, businesses operated without the use of Internet Marketing, Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn feeds. Today, it is essential to take advantage of these marketing channels to remain competitive and grow your business. Join us as we explore how the success of social media and marketing techniques can help get your business noticed and keep current clients engaged. We’ll help you get your social media marketing efforts off to a good start, and ensure you have a thorough understanding of the next steps for pumping up your bottom-line.

Data Integration with VAI’s Enhanced CSV Upload Tool

Integrating Data from a CSV file can save time and help reduce errors. With VAI’s new enhanced CSV upload tool users can upload CSV files to a wide variety of S2K files. Users can use this tool to upload products in the item master file, update supplier pricing, upload budgets into general ledger, upload customer orders, input journal entries, and much more. During this session, we will review the new enhancements in this exciting tool and demonstrate the many different practical uses for this application.

Value Made Visible

It’s not easy to measure how technology contributes to the bottom-line or specify the role that IT plays in achieving business strategy. In any ERP implementation, it is important to return to the original value proposition to review what has been achieved, and whether the anticipated value has been realized. In this session, we will review the areas in which S2K Enterprise offers significant value and review how to use ongoing metrics, (key performance indicators), to measure the continued value of the software solution as it impacts ongoing business practices and processes.