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Build Lasting Relationships and Connect with Your Customers

S2K Sales Force provides an easy-to-use CRM solution focused on features that matter to Supply Chain representatives. This unique application gives your team a dynamic contact management system for tracking all interactions with leads, prospects and customers, along with real-time access to all customer and product information anytime, anywhere they need it.

Capturing True COGS with Landed Cost

Understanding landed costs is essential for businesses looking to understand their gross margin and to ensure accurate profit analysis. Import duty, freight, and insurance are all examples of direct costs that need to be taken into account when calculating the gross margin. S2K provides complete cargo tracking and landed cost formulas that can help you calculate an accurate gross margin on every product that can be relied on to make key business decisions.

DSCSA and Serialization

Will you be ready for November 2019? Learn where the industry will be, and how VAI is positioned to meet those needs. In this session, we will discuss where manufacturers are with sending EPCIS, how VAI will be able to make that data available, and how S2K will be able to authenticate saleable returns, as well as plans for beyond 2019.

Data Analytics for Modern Business Intelligence

Analyzing data has become a critical process in modern ERP solutions. S2K Analytics is a Business Intelligence application that is completely integrated with S2K ERP and allows users to view and create interactive reports and dashboards that can highlight business performance, trends and opportunities.

Dynamic Order Processing Capabilities to Increase Sales

Today, order takers must do more than enter orders. They must provide excellent customer service, while maximizing profits and increasing sales. See how the advanced features in S2K’s Order Processing application can help you transform order management from a basic administrative function to a competitive advantage.

Enhance Productivity and Improve Overall Warehouse Efficiency

From single distribution center operations to large, global enterprises with dozens of distribution facilities, it is imperative to leverage bar code scanning in your warehouse to enhance productivity and improve overall efficiency. With advanced applications for Receiving, Put-Away, Picking, Shipping and Cycle Counting, S2K’s WMS solution can help you dramatically drive down costs, increase throughput, and improve on-time deliveries.

Improve Cash Flow with Better Receivables and Payables Management

Managing Cash Flow will ensure you always have money available for paying your expenses when they are due. Even profitable businesses can fail if cash flow is not managed properly. S2K’s Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable applications offer advanced features to help you improve your cash flow through effective payment terms, electronic payment processing, and collections.

Increase Fill Rates and Lower Inventory Value with Suggested Purchasing

Are you looking to maximize sales and shelf availability, while minimizing inventory and waste? S2K Suggested Purchasing application uses advanced formulas to analyze sales and forecast data, as well as project purchases based on seasonality, lead times, and safety factors. This powerful tool can help your organization increase margins, reduce inventory, levels and recover from lost sales.

Introduction to S2K Marketing Cloud

NEW! The S2K Marketing Cloud is a streamlined, visual marketing tool for moving potential customers through the stages of your onboarding and success processes. See how you can leverage email and automation to handle routine marketing tasks, stay focused on conversations with prospects and customers, and have tasks automatically created and assigned in response to key events so your team never drops the ball.

Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Many companies today are moving some or all of their ERP operations to the cloud. By moving a company’s infrastructure to the cloud, you can remove the costs of facilities, equipment, and the related services to maintain that complex infrastructure. In addition, a data center offers the best security, with full redundancy, data vaulting, uninterruptible power, and round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance. If it’s time to upgrade your servers, it’s time to consider the cloud!

Remove Reporting Inaccuracies with S2K General Ledger

The General Ledger is an important tool to help you analyze financial information and determine if you are on track to meet financial goals. With S2Ks improved transaction recording features and visibility, inaccuracies are eliminated. Financial reports can be published with assurance, in a more efficient and timely manner.

S2K Enterprise Latest Features and Enhancements

As markets change, you need to shift focus. Core components of ERP success now include Sales Force Automation (CRM), Mobile Solutions, e-Commerce, and Advanced Analytics. The latest release of our browser-based S2K Enterprise solution includes these next generation business tools in a real-time, unified platform. See all the new and exciting capabilities that will allow you to deliver an exceptional customer experience, grow your business, and win against the competition.

S2K for Food Overview

The food industry is unique in many ways because proper inventory management and tracking is critical to food safety regulations and compliance. Additionally, all business processes must be performed under tight time constraints. S2K for Food was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the food industry and to help businesses in this fast-paced environment compete by automating and integrating business processes across the entire organization.

S2K for Pharma Overview

S2K for Pharma is a completely integrated ERP software solution that helps pharmaceutical companies ensure that industry-specific regulations and institutional requirements are met, while helping companies lower costs and increase customer satisfaction. S2K for Pharma helps distributors and manufacturers of all sizes with DEA license management and reporting, DSCSA Compliance, forecasting and procurement, warehouse management, sales force automation, and much more.

Tracking Vendor Rebates and Customer Incentives

Rebates are an integral part of trading terms these days, and rebates for both customers and vendors encourage loyalty and volume purchases. When rebate programs are tracked and managed well, they can prove to be a hugely beneficial lever to encourage customer growth. Learn how S2K Rebates, Allowances, and Billbacks application can help you streamline the management and execution of your rebates and directly affect your bottom-line.

Turning Ordinary Smartphones Into Powerful Business Tools

With S2K Mobile applications, you can turn smartphones into a tool loaded with features to help you in every aspect of your business. VAI offers mobile solutions for Order Processing, Proof of Delivery, Route Sales (DSD), and Field Service. These powerful solutions provide file synchronization directly with S2K Enterprise, and gives users offline access to content when a network/wireless connection in unavailable.

Understanding Your True Cost of Production in Manufacturing

Understanding and controlling manufacturing costs can be the difference between making or losing the sale. This can also be the difference between making a profitable sale or making an unprofitable sale. With S2K Manufacturing applications, you can track your true cost of production – direct materials, direct labor, and factory overhead – as well as manage raw materials (MRP), capacity requirements (CRP), and shop floor activity.

Educational Classes: In-Depth

Accounts Payable

Escape the productivity-draining manual processes of accounts payable. Streamline workflow’s across the entire accounts payable process with speed and efficiency. Learn how S2K’s new Vendor Returns Accrual, Purchase Order Deposits, and Accounts Payable to Accounts Receivable Transfer processes allows you to focus on analyses, insights, and cash flow management.

Food Safety with Effective Route Management

In today’s business environment, a company’s reputation is vital to its future. Effective product handling from receipt to shipping is critical in helping provide full traceability while delivering comprehensive reports for auditors. With so much to actually do in a facility already, how much more can companies handle, especially when resources are already limited and people need to do more with less? Effectively managing the requirements of FSMA requires leveraging technology. See how S2K Enterprise for Food can help facilitate regulatory compliance as well as protect your brand.

General Ledger

S2K’s General Ledger module combines power and flexibility with ease of use to give you the critical information you need to make informed business decisions. Learn how using S2K’s Statistical Allocations and improved journal entry processes can help you manage your business more effectively.

How S2K Enterprise Portal Delivers a Unified Commerce Experience

Unified commerce helps you deliver the best possible customer experience by replacing disconnected channels and systems with a single-source platform. In this session, you will learn how S2K Enterprise Portal harnesses the insight and data from a single and centralized platform to drive customer engagement from the back office and the counter, through B2B and B2C connections online. Seamlessly connected, your customers benefit from real-time stock and price accuracy, robust order functionality, and self-service account management.


VAI’s suite of manufacturing applications includes an advanced MRP and production scheduling module that incorporates all the finished goods requirements and component demands to determine the optimal schedule that meets your customer requests as well as your lean business objectives. Tight integration with order entry and sales modules allows for collaborative forecasting based on real-time data from throughout the enterprise. In this session, we will explore all the advanced capacities in the S2K Manufacturing suite to help you enhance production from raw material through customer delivery.

Mobile Warehouse Management

The mobile devices you use every day are now part of a powerful platform that can augment, and perhaps even replace traditional and expensive RF hardware designed for warehouse management. If your facility is looking for better ways to optimize inventory and warehouse activities, VAI provides several options for cost effective WMS solutions for your business. Discover how the latest mobile technology can be used for picking, movement, receipt and putaway, verification, palletizing, and much more.

Penetration Pricing to Gain Market Share

S2K pricing tables provide great flexibility to help you compete in a competitive market. With these tables you can not only create volume-based or time-based price breaks, you can specify discounts by customer or group of customers, vendor, and product division/class. In this session, we will review all the different pricing options in S2K ERP and discuss how you can use these options to maintain margins and increase market share.

Pharmaceutical Chargebacks

Dealing with vendor chargebacks accurately and efficiently is an essential part of pharmaceutical distribution. See how S2K brings together GPO’s, contracts, customer billing, filing claims, recording vendor payments, and dealing with adjustments. We will review how EDI can greatly enhance this process, as well as tracking activity through various internal reporting, and visibility in financials.

Setting Implementation Expectations

Whether you are upgrading to a new release or implementing a new ERP system, an ERP implementation touches every area of business, cutting across functional boundaries and departments as well as impacting the extended enterprise. How can an organization ensure that an ERP project results in full utilization of the new systems functionality and benefits? In this session, we will review the six phases of a typical ERP project, discuss the best practices proven to speed the rate of adoption, and look at ways you can get up and running faster and with fewer disruptions to operations.

Suggested Purchasing

Effective purchasing is more than finding a vendor and issuing a purchase order – it is a process that can provide great value to an organization and help ensure that products are in stock and available for customers when they need them. VAI’s Suggested Purchasing system leverages complex formulas to improve forecasting, determine stocking levels, automate purchasing tasks, and identify savings opportunities. Learn how this advanced application can help you control costs and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Educational Classes: Targeted

Are You Investing Too Much in a Vendor Product Line?

An important tool in analyzing inventory, sales and profitability is GMROI (Gross Margin Return On Inventory Investment). The GMROI calculations assist buyers in evaluating whether a sufficient gross margin is being earned by the products purchased, compared to the investment in inventory required to generate those gross margin dollars. Learn how this analytics tool can be helpful in answering the question, are you investing too much in a vendor product line?

Expand Service and Rental Operations

Expand your service offerings by adding repair and equipment rental capabilities to your organization. With S2K Service and Repair, you can track service calls and record the time and materials used to ensure accurate and prompt billing. S2K Rental software provides reservations and allocations management of rental equipment along with automated periodic billing of rental contracts.

Expand Your Pricing Options with BOGO and Promotions

The pricing decisions you make can have a significant effect on the success or failure of your company. Setting your prices too high could mean your customers look elsewhere. At the same time, setting the prices for your products too low could make a business relationship unprofitable especially because it’s difficult to increase the price later after setting those initial terms. With a myriad of pricing options, including, rebates and BOGO, S2K ERP can help you maximize profits while increasing market share.

Fast and Efficient Counter Sales

Combining an intuitive, user-friendly retail application with powerful enterprise functionality, S2K Retail Point-of-Sale software is the ideal solution for taking both walk-in and on-account sales. See how this solution can dramatically speed up retail traffic and facilitate complex wholesale transactions from one dynamic application.

Going Global with Foreign Currency

Multi-currency Management allows you to optimize your international opportunities by providing a streamlined, flexible way to manage multiple currencies and currency fluctuations. Learn how S2K’s enhanced reporting and inquiry features allows users to review transactions and balances in both foreign and domestic currencies.

Improving Non-Stock Ordering Through Vendor Catalog Management

Increase your product line by seamlessly integrating your vendors catalog into your ordering process. With S2K’s vendor catalog file, users can upload a vendors complete catalog of items into a file that is separate from their item master file. During order processing users can then search the catalog file and immediately create non-stock items in order entry from that catalog data.

Streamlined Vendor Payments with Credit Card Processing

The new streamlined process of settling a vendor Invoice paid via credit card will reduce processing time and improve accuracy. Learn how to set up vendors and credit cards for payment processing, record payments, and review and reconcile the credit card sub-ledger.

Track and Depreciate Your Fixed Assets

With S2K Fixed Assets, it’s easy and cost effective to manage the complete fixed assets life cycle. The software helps to eliminate redundant data entry, increase accuracy, and reduce costs. It enables accounting professionals to gain a solid foundation for all fixed assets and depreciation management.